O nouă reglementare – Statutul lucrătorului cultural profesionist

O nouă reglementare – Statutul lucrătorului cultural profesionist

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Alis Vasile 

Consultant – Management Cultural




The paper presents a new regulation issued in Romania, in April 2023, regarding the Status of the professional cultural worker, following the E.U. and UNESCO recommendations on the matter of the precarity of artists and cultural workers activity; although not all the UNESCO recommendations are observed by the Romanian regulation, it represents a first step in supporting the independent cultural sector, namely professionals outside the „employee” legal framework, based on a regular „work contract”, offering tax reductions, right of fee negotiations and recognition of work experience. The paper also analyses the international recommendations in force, current national regulations on the status of the artist and the cultural worker, as well as data from recent research on the subject. A special section of the article refers to the present situation of specific occupations in the field of cultural heritage in Romania, indicating the potentially low impact of the new regulation in this particular sector, due to the current national institutional and legal context that favours the regular „work contract”.

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status of artist, status of cultural worker, legislation, cultural legislation, law

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Vasile, Alis. 2023. “O nouă reglementare – Statutul lucrătorului cultural profesionist” Revista Muzeelor 1/2023: 146-184. [DOI: https://doi.org/10.61789/rm.2023.09]

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