Aspecte ale culturii organizaționale muzeale în cadrul sustenabilității

Aspecte ale culturii organizaționale muzeale în cadrul sustenabilității

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Sorin Mihai Constantinescu

Promotor cultural independent,




With the shift in the museum paradigm from exhibits to visitors and the conquest of museum territory by the IT revolution, the museum has been given the opportunity to reinvent itself. By adding environmental responsibility to heritage responsibility, the museum becomes sustainable and resilient, thus acquiring a new identity. As a cultural consumption driver and a guarantee of its quality under given conditions, resilience allows museum correlations that stimulate innovation. A sustainable, resilient and innovative museum capitalizes on its archetypal structure by establishing durable bridges between the protected heritage and the most diverse categories of public, while becoming the core of new cultural strategies. The museum’s involvement in the community life, according to the current institutional standards, is an interrelated process supported by viable elements that are almost all to be found in the museum’s organizational culture. Based on these premises, this article attempts to highlight the mechanism by which the museum organizational culture, taking on the data of sustainability, contributes to achieving resilience. However, in order to integrate organically and sustainably into the cultural fabric of society, museum institutions need to promote an open, strong and positive organizational culture, adapted to the significant role that the museum has within the community.

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Museum organizational culture, responsibility towards the environment, responsibility towards heritage, sustainable museum, resilient museum, innovative museum, museum DNA.

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Constantinescu, Sorin Mihai. 2023. „Aspecte ale culturii organizaționale muzeale în cadrul sustenabilității” Revista Muzeelor 1/2023: 27-50. [DOI:]

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