The Cultural Consumption Barometer [2005]



The 2005 Cultural Consumption Barometer was based on a nationally-representative survey for the population aged over 15, applied to 1636 respondents.

The main objective of the study was the mapping of the cultural consumption in terms of infrastructure and consumption behaviours. The Centre for Studies and Research in the Field of Culture set a long-term approach, which involves the annual repetition of the Barometer, in order to obtain coherent images in terms of cultural consumption in Romania.

The specific objectives of the study focused on the measuring the development level of the cultural consumption infrastructure, of the degree of participation in cultural activities, as well as on the identification of the population’s needs. The results show a “professionalization” of the readers; specialised books are preferred, there is a high consumption of radio and television, and the Internet access has increased. Furthermore, the differences between the rural and the urban environment are not significant in terms of preferences for movies, music and written culture.

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