Research activity

The studies are conducted by an inter-disciplinary team, made of experts in management, statistics, sociology, art, history, marketing, cultural anthropology, political sciences and economy.

In the field of researching, drawing up, monitoring and evaluating cultural policies and programmes, INCFC conducts applied research, studies and statistical analyses adapted to the needs of each public authority or organisation, for a wide range of such beneficiary organisations.

In view of the above, we conduct quantitative and qualitative research, using data from surveys, official statistics, semi-structured or in-depth interviews, focus-groups, content analyses, time-and-tracking measurements.

Our annual research programme is available online, alongside the previous years’ research reports.

The most important annual research of INCFC is the Cultural Consumption Barometer, the most extended national study, which measures the practices, preferences and trends of the Romanian consumers of culture.

The studies are conducted by an inter-disciplinary team, made of experts in management, statistics, sociology, art, history, marketing, cultural anthropology, political sciences and economy.

Among INCFC’s most important studies, there are:
• The White Paper for Unlocking the Economic Potential of the Cultural and Creative Sectors in Romania
• Copyright and creativity. A Source of Economic Growth and Job Creation
• Study on the book market in Romania
• The Cultural Vitality of the Cities of Romania
• Professional Training Needs in the Public Cultural Institutions
• Study on the Specialisations / Trades in the Field of Culture

The results of INCFC’s research and studies are promoted via Culturadata Interactiv, an interactive data visualisation platform, launched by INCFC in January 2018.

The platform provides graphs, tables, maps, statistics on the multiannual evolution and national, regional and county distribution of these indicators, and it consists of sections that provide a coherent and explicit image both on the public infrastructure (the network of public cultural institutions in the territory) and on the population’s cultural consumption.

Ongoing researches

1. The Cultural Vitality of Cities - 2018 edition

The Cultural Vitality of the Cities speaks about the cultural potential of the local communities and highlights the cities’ development at cultural level. The vitality indices reflect the cultural infrastructure, the cultural participation, the budgetary expenses allocated to the cultural sector, the specialised human resources and the creative industries in the most important cities of the country.

2. Satellite Account for Culture

In 2015, INCFC was assigned to set the bases of the Satellite Account for Culture, a statistical method that aims at measuring the field and its economic impact, according to a pattern set by Eurostat. This important project, developed under the methodological supervision of the National Institute of Statistics, also aims at collecting,  analysing and interpreting data in the cultural field.


In 2018, National Institute for Cultural Research and Training (INCFC), together with the Ministry of Culture and National Identity have started the project UNESCO CDIS
(Culture for Development Indicators).

The UNESCO CDIS project is an innovative set of instruments that allows the building and analysis of 22 indicators revealing the multidimensional contribution of culture in the development processes. These indicators are grouped around seven activity sectors/ sustainable development dimensions. For the first time in Romania, CDIS will allow the measuring of culture’s contribution to the sustainable development processes, from various perspectives: economy, education, governance, social participation, gender equality, communication and heritage.

4. Cultural Consumption Barometer - 2018 edition

5. Compendium Policies for Culture