Professional training

In the field of ongoing training and lifelong education, INCFC is the main provider of specialised professional training programmes in the field of culture.

In the field of ongoing training and lifelong education, the institute is the main provider of specialised professional training programmes in the field of culture, as well as a regulation authority for cultural occupations, according to the protocol signed with the National Authority for Qualifications (NAQ) in 2016 and following the cooperation with the Sectoral Committee in the Branch of ”Culture”.

The strategy in the field of professional training requires the development of an accessible, attractive, competitive system of professional training, relevant for the demands of the labour market in the field of culture. The institute provides professional education and training services with a view to quickly respond to the needs of public cultural institutions, of persons and private organisations operating in the cultural artistic field, as well as of creative sectors, with the purpose to efficiently manage the available cultural resources.

The key principles in the field of professional training are: relevance, access, participation, quality, innovation and cooperation.

The offer includes over 20 professional training programmes (certified and non-certified introductory, specialisation and proficiency courses, workshops and evaluations), addressing the main acknowledged occupations in the cultural field as well as emergent specialisations and trades that allow the development of new occupations.

Every year, two ordinary examination sessions are organised for translators in a variety of languages and fields, and additional special sessions are available, at the candidates’ request.

The professional training courses provide professional skills certificates and are certified, according to legal regulations, by the Commission for certification of professional training providers for adults, being recognised at national and EU level, as well as in the other countries that have diploma and certificate recognition treaties with Romania; the certificates are issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Justice, as well as by the Ministry of National Education.

The institute cooperates with lecturers and trainers coming from prestigious cultural and educational institutions and with experts recognised in their fields of competence, and we opted for the intensive interactive courses, adapted to the needs of practitioners.

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