CRCFC’s Contribution to the Public Policy of Supporting Creativity [2011]



In 2011, at the request of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (MCNH), the Centre for Research and Consultancy in the Field of Culture (CRCFC) drew-up an update of the report “Draft for a Policy of Creativity Stimulation: Proposals from Creators, NGOs and Companies in the Cultural Sector”, for the ex-ante impact study of a public policy of creativity support in culture.

The study followed the recommendations of the MCNH special workgroup. The information was structured on the following sections: support and stimulation of SMMs in the cultural and creative industries, support and stimulation of the independent cultural sector and providing social protection for artists and freelance creators, development and professionalization of the human resources in the cultural sector, education of the public and development of the audience in the field of culture.

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