Promoting the Romanian Culture within the European Space [2006]



The study on the promotion of Romanian culture within the European space had two main objectives: the identification of the optimal channels to disseminate the Romanian culture within the European space, according to the specificity and preferences of culture consumers from several countries, as well as a segmentation of the market.

The methodology of the study consisted in the analysis of official statistics that illustrate the degree and manner of participation of the inhabitants in the cultural offer in several European countries.

The most significant result was the delineation of typologies depending on the analysed countries. In this respect, the following preferences were recorded: for theatre – particularly in the Nordic Countries, for theatre – in Western Europe, for cinema – in North and West Europe.

As far as Central and Eastern Europe is concerned, the most intense cultural consumption is recorded in the fields of music institutions and museums. The audio-visual sector is popular in most of the European countries.

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