The Cultural Life Index in Romania 1998-2004 [2006]



The Cultural Life Index in Romania study aimed for the identification of the available cultural resources and the manner they are exploited, as well as of the public-accessibility level.

This study is based on official statistics on the dimension of the infrastructure necessary for the cultural activities, on the dimension of cultural participation and production, such as the quantity of cultural goods and services consumed by the population. The results show a declining trend for this index, for the period 2000-2004.

The dimension of the cultural participation and infrastructure has decreased in this period, and only the cultural production recorded an increase. These trends may be due to several factors, such as: the migration abroad of a significant number of Romanian citizens, the lack of funds allocated to culture by the local authorities, the uncertain situation of ownership on buildings used for cultural purposes, the growth of the domestic infrastructure for culture and the foreign financing of production facilities in Romania.

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