Is Bucharest Becoming a Post-industrial City? De-industrialisation and Economic Restructuring in the Bucharest Development Area [2007]



The research on the de-industrialisation and economic restructuring in the Bucharest development area started from the following questions: “Which are the uses of the post-industrial sites in Bucharest?”, “How many of the post-industrial sites in Bucharest are used for cultural purposes / how many are used for social purposes / how many are used for the new economy?”, “How does the employment structure vary according to economic transformations?” and “If distinct product categories have distinct locations, which are the reasons for this fact?”.

The research methodology consisted in collecting and analysing the data from the viewpoint of using the urban fields and functions and of the labour structure on activity fields. The research showed that, in general, after the production has ceased, the industrial sites are enriched with new meanings, becoming spaces for cultural and artistic activities, and they are a source of differentiation.

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