Study of the National Theatre Festival Audience [2011]



The study was carried out by the Centre for Research and Consultancy in the Field of Culture (CRCFC), at the request of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, in order to continue this research – useful for the cultural operators in the Romanian theatre market, following the objectives requested by UNITER.

For the 20th edition, CRCFC’s study aimed at evaluating the National Theatre Festival (NTF) audience. Out of the 34 total performances presented in 2011 within the NTF, we selected 22, on the following criteria: the origin of the performance, the theme of the performance, the theatre company presenting the performance, the type of the performance (Focus: Andrei Şerban-Czech visions, Thematic Shows, Close-up on the Actor, Foreign Guest Show, Dance in the Theatre, Theatre of Tomorrow), the place of the performance, the starting hour and duration.

In order to carry out the study, we used a non-probabilistic sample, and the respondents were selected according to their interest and desire to participate in this study and to fill out the questionnaire.

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