The Cultural Vitality of Cities in Romania – 2018 edition



Societies are in a continuous process of transformation, and this can be observed in concern with each of the basic social institutions, such as: politics, economy, religion, family and education.

The definition of cultural vitality underpinning this report is the one used in the study Cultural Vitality in Communities: Interpretation and Indicators. The authors of the study conceptualise cultural vitality as „as evidence of creating, disseminating, validating, and supporting arts and culture as a dimension of everyday life in communities”. From the viewpoint of this definition, cultural vitality is divided into three dimensions: presence, participation and support.



  • PhD Assoc. Prof. Carmen Croitoru, dr. Anda Becuţ Marinescu, PhD (c) Iulian Oană


  • PhD (c) Iulian Oană, PhD (c) George Matu, Veronica Hampu, George Dinu

Publishing House

  • Universul Academic Publishing House, Bucharest, 2019
  • Universitară Publishing House, Bucharest, 2019
  • ISBN 978-606-9062-23-4
  • ISBN 978-606-28-0958-4

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