PhD Assoc. Prof. Carmen Croitoru

General Manager of INCFC

PhD Anda Georgiana Marinescu

Head of Department (Research Department)

Sande Vârjoghe

Head of Department (Training Department)

Geronda Popescu

Head of Department (Accounting and Budget Department)


Alexandru Avram

Communication and International Relations Officer

Delia Hanzelik

Press Officer

Scientific Council

According to OMCIN (Order of the Ministry of Culture) no. 2044/29.01.2018 and ROF (Rules of Organisation and Functioning) approved by OMCIN no.2668/2014 with subsequent amendments, the structure of the Scientific Council is as follows:

  • PhD Assoc. Prof. Carmen Croitoru, General Manager INCFC – President of the Scientific Council;
  • PhD Prof. Doina Banciu – Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest – representative of the Ministry of Culture and National Identity
  • PhD Prof. Vintilă Mihăilescu – Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, National School of Political and Administrative Studies
  • PhD Prof. Petru Mortu –  Bucharest University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu
  • PhD Prof.  Alecxandrina Deaconu – Faculty of Management, Bucharest  Academy of Economic Studies
  • PhD Prof. Delia Mucica – Bucharest National University of Theatre and Film
  • PhD Prof. Aura Corbeanu – Executive Vice President of the Theatre Union of Romania
  • PhD Prof. Valentin Cojanu – Bucharest  Academy of Economic Studies

Board of Directors

  • Carmen Croitoru – Manager, President of the Board of Directors
  • Oana Mihaela Duca  – Head of Department for European Projects, logistics and IT
  • Anda-Georgiana Marinescu – Head of Research Department
  • Sande Varjoghe – Head of Training Department
  • Geronda Popescu – Head of Accounting and Budget Department
  • Vacant position – a member of the Scientific Research and Development Section