Study of the National Theatre Festival Audience [2010]



The study carried out by the Centre for Research and Consultancy in the Field of Culture at the request of UNITER for the 20th edition of the National Theatre Festival had the goal to evaluate the audience of the festival, which took place between October 30th and November 7th, as well as to compare the 2009 edition to the 2010 edition.

13 performances were selected from the festival sections: Romanian Showcase 3 (10), Première in the NTF (2) and Foreign Guest Shows (1). The objectives were: theatre consumption behaviour in general and within the festival, in particular, appreciations regarding the organisation of the festival and the performances watched, as well as recommendations for the next edition of NTF. 

The results of the study point out the following aspects: compared to last year, a slight increase is noticed in the number of people who go to the theatre on a weekly basis; although the festival offer was diversified, compared to 2009 the number of people who watched several performances decreased; moreover, compared to 2009, the intention to attend more performances within the festival decreased by approximately 10%; part of the respondents pointed out difficulties in buying tickets; the interest remains high for Romanian plays, which may be explained through their heavy presence within NTF events.

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