Comparative Statistics of the Cultural Sector in Romania and Several European Countries



Following-up the study carried out in 2006, the Centre for Studies and Research in the Field of Culture aimed for the radiography of the Romanian cultural sector from the viewpoint of cultural consumption and infrastructure, comparing this sector to that of other countries included in the analysis.

The statistical data at the basis of this comparative analysis were taken from the national statistics institutions homologous to the National Institute of Statistics and they refer to the year 2007, containing information related to the cultural consumption (attendance degree, audience) and to the existent cultural-resources networks.

One of the main conclusions is that museum visiting in Romania records a growing trend, while a low attendance of cinema shows is recorded, as well as a low number of spectators compared to the majority of the states included in the analysis.

Although Romania is on one of the last positions in terms of number of performances and performance institutions, the number of spectators is not much lower than in the other European countries included in the study; thus, Romania’s situation is similar to the Central and East European countries. As regards the opera institutions, performances and spectators in East Europe, Romania is on one of the first places.

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