Alternative Spaces of Cultural Consumption. An Analysis of the Urban Culture in Bucharest [2010]



The objective of the study “Alternative spaces of cultural consumption. An analysis of the urban culture in Bucharest” is the mapping of the independent urban cultural space.

In the last years, in Bucharest, numerous bars, terraces, restaurants have begun to develop cultural activities, concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances. At the same time, several cultural institutions have tried to draw their public closer by associating with companies in order to organise a “leisure” space in their proximity. This relatively recent phenomenon raises a series of questions, both specific, regarding the identity of these spaces, the profile of the consumer-public or the relation artist-public-space, and general, regarding the emergent relation between the economic space and the artistic space.

The analysed spaces are entertainment or leisure spaces, being part of the cultural infrastructure and of the cultural consumption space. They are spaces for socialisation and sharing common ideas and tastes. The profile of the consumer-public is made of youth, both young adults and middle youth, i.e. those “young professionals” looking for “cool” places.

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