National Conference of Cultural Managers – VIIIth edition

November 24th - 26th, 2021

Repositioning cultural management: research, strategy, innovation

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November 24th - 26th, 2021



The National Institute for Cultural Research and Training (INCFC) broadcasts, between November 24th and 26th, 2021, the National Conference of Cultural Managers (CNMC) – 8th edition on the website and on the official Facebook page.

CNMC is the most important national conference held by INCFC, organized annually since 2014 as a platform for consultation and dialogue, which has become an opportunity to meet and exchange best practices for managers of public cultural institutions, cultural management specialists and representatives of the authorities.

The theme of this year’s edition, “Repositioning cultural management: research, strategy, innovation”, highlights the most important aspects that contribute to the development of cultural managers, especially in the context of the new coordinates imposed by the pandemic. The Conference program addresses cultural management as an innovative process internationally, as an essential component in the development of national cultural policies and strategies, but also as an emerging subject for young researchers.


Nov. 24th, 11:00 (EET)INTERNATIONAL SESSION “Cultural management in the new reality: from resilience to innovation”

Change, resilience or adaptation have been recurring terms in the activity of the cultural field and that of the whole society since the beginning of the pandemic. Management has played a key role in rethinking the activities of cultural organizations, and internationally, innovations have not been long in coming. Cultural management practitioners are invited to a dialogue session dedicated to methods, techniques and programs successfully implemented internationally and whose results reflect significant progress in terms of innovation and development.

The dialogue will be conducted in English.

Moderator: PhD Assoc. Prof. Carmen Croitoru


  • Levan Kharatishvili – CEO and Fondator, Creative Strategies Lab, Georgia
  • Andrew Ormston – Director, Drew Wylie Projects, Great Britain

Nov. 25th, 11:00 (EET)DEBATE “Essential principles for a cultural strategy”

The elaboration of a strategy for the field of culture provides the favorable context for building stronger and more coherent communities, being at the same time a catalyst for their sustainable development. Among the most important principles in developing a national cultural strategy are: incorporating culture as an indispensable element of socio-economic development, protecting and encouraging the diversity of cultural expressions, facilitating access to culture in the public domain through a regulated framework, ensuring the implementation of cultural management performing in the public sector. Based on these considerations, managers of nationally representative cultural institutions are invited to a debate on the basic principles of a strategy in the field of culture in Romania.

Moderator: PhD Assoc. Prof. Carmen Croitoru


  • Demeter András – Secretary of State, Ministry of Culture
  • Bogdan Trîmbaciu – Director, Project Management Unit, Ministry of Culture
  • Ada Hausvater – Manager, Timișoara National Theater
  • Adrian Cioroianu – Manager, National Library of Romania
  • Ciprian Ștefan – Manager, ASTRA National Museum Complex, Sibiu
  • Ștefan Teișanu – Director, Cultural Center from Cluj
  • Irina Cios – Director, National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN)

Nov. 26th, 15:00 (EET) – Culturadata SYMPOSIUM “Cultural management, cultural marketing and cultural policies”

The Culturadata Symposium is the first scientific event in Romania dedicated to young researchers in cultural management and related topics. Master’s and doctoral students in the field of cultural management, cultural marketing and cultural policies from universities with humanities, arts and economics are invited to present their completed or ongoing research that may cover a wide range of topics such as: managerial strategies, management methods, strategic planning , cultural marketing, culture consumer behavior, branding, budget and financing in culture, entrepreneurship, cultural economy, cultural policies, sponsorships, etc.

The proposals for presentations from master’s and doctoral students will be analyzed and selected by the Scientific Board of the Culturadata Symposium consisting of:

  • PhD Assoc. Prof. Carmen Croitoru – National University of Theater and Cinematography „I.L. Caragiale” in Bucharest
  • PhD Prof. Aurelia Corbeanu – University of Arts from Târgu Mureș
  • PhD Prof. habil. Alexandru Boureanu – University of Craiova, Faculty of Letters, Department of Arts and Media

The symposium will take place in the form of an open dialogue between the board members, the selected participants and the professionals in the field, the research presentations being followed by question and answer sessions.



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  • Date: November 24th - 26th, 2021
  • Location: ONLINE

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November 24th - 26th, 2021