Museum collections management

one module

Refresher course

  • Cultural heritage

one module


Vocational training for certified museographers and practitioners with experience in the museology field. The course proposes to increase the professional level for museum specialists and to improve them on the optimal management of cultural property collections. The course is placed in continuation of the one of Museology, following a consolidation of the knowledge and practices specific to the occupation of museographer but also the integration of the legislative novelties in the field.


  • professionals with experience in the field: employees of museums, certified museographers (graduates of the program Bases of museology), employed with attributions in the field of cultural property loans.


  • higher education, minimum bachelor’s degree.


  • Management of museum collections; collection management policy; components of the collection management policy; good practices;
  • Risk management, component of collections management – definition, risk categories, risk analysis and evaluation, prevention and intervention measures;
  • Establishing and developing collections from a dynamic perspective – the strategy for the development of the collection – the strategy for the acquisition of cultural goods and the policy / strategy for accepting the donations of cultural goods; policy/strategy for lending of cultural goods; the collection plan;
  • Computerized tools for records and collections management;
  • Establishing the optimal conditions for the preservation and enhancement of cultural assets;
  • Legislative and methodological news, new museological approaches.

Trainers: Drd. Alis Vasile, Raluca Iulia Capotă

one module