June 12, 2018

Live Skills

The European project Live Skills contribute to the enhancement of the capacity of employment and of the mobility of professionals and students in the field of culture; to the growth of competitiveness of the sector and to the building of a sustainable cultural and creative sector for the future.

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The cultural and creative sectors (CCS) play a key role in fostering an intelligent, sustainable growth, favourable to inclusion in Europe. LIVE SKILLS approaches the lack of identified skills and responds to the demand of new skills in two sub-sectors within the wider framework of the CCS: audio-visual & live performance.

This will be accomplished by designing and piloting three new innovative professional training programmes in the management of arts, of digital and new technologies, of cultural entrepreneurship, for two professions in the audio-visual and live performances sectors, with adaptability to a wider range of professions and other sub-sectors of the CCS.

Coordinated by the British Council, the project benefits by the involvement of nine partners from four countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and the United Kingdom) and two associated European partners.

LIVE SKILLS will contribute to the boost of professionals’ and students’ employment and mobility in the field of culture, to the growth of the sector’s competitiveness, as well as to the building of a vibrant, sustainable cultural and creative sector for the future.

The aim of LIVE SKILLS is to approach the shortcomings of the CCS in terms of skills, particularly in the mentioned sub-sectors (audio-visual & live performances), by tackling the market needs for digital skills, new technologies, management of arts and entrepreneurial abilities.

Between March 19th and 21st 2018, the meeting of the Steering Committee took place in Bucharest, which discussed the development of the innovative curriculum.


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