Indices on the Cultural Sector at Regional Level [2005]



This comparative analysis at development region level was drawn-up by the Centre for Studies and Research in the Field of Culture in order to serve as an instrument for the group of advisors and experts that draw-up the Sectoral Operational Plans, with the purpose to include culture in the development of specific strategies.

These plans, useful for accessing funds for cultural activities, will be submitted to the Regional Development Agencies. The plans are made through SWOT analyses of the cultural sector, as well as through the socio-economic analysis.

The task of the CSRFC was to draw-up the necessary indices and indicators for these analyses. In order to do this, we used both public data from the National Institute of Statistics, data resulted from the Cultural Consumption Barometer, data collected from the Ministry of Justice, data on the number of Phare and Cultura 2000 projects, and data produced by other studies on the regional development.

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