February 1, 2021

Heritage for the next century – 2019 edition

This project is addressed to both middle school and high school students as well as their educators - history, geography and fine arts teachers.

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The first stage of the Patrimoniu100 project, funded by the Romanian Government through the Ministry of Culture and National Identity within the program of projects, events and actions dedicated to the Centenary of the Great Union (1918-2018) and the First World War, coagulated around a national awareness campaign and education on the need to protect the national cultural heritage and combat vandalism on historical monuments

The campaign was implemented through the use of alternative education tools (augmented reality, new technologies and forms of media, digital tools of interactive education and digital art), addressing primarily young people and based on the results of the sociological study Youngsters and Cultural Heritage by INCFC, on adolescents’ attitudes towards the national cultural heritage.

With the resumption of the project, possible through its co-financing by the National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN), INCFC aims to generate a change of attitude, developing the results obtained in the first stage of the project. The project is addressed to both middle and high school students and their educators – teachers of history, geography, fine arts, teachers. A first step for the second part of the project has already been made by creating the open source educational resource, “ABC-ul Patrimoniului”, on the website www.patrimoniu100.ro.

The project carried out in 2019 contains, among the training and information activities, the organization of a photo contest for teams of students (middle school and high school) and teachers, with the theme of real estate objectives. The contest will take place between September 23rd and October 31st, 2019, online, on the Facebook page of the project and on the website www.patrimoniu100.ro. The judging will take place between November 1st and 5th, 2019. On November 5th, 2019, the best 10 photos will be selected, according to the photographic criteria (composition, colour, framing, respect for the theme, emotion, story, etc.), of which the best 3 photos will be awarded. The prizes consist of cameras worth 1000-2100 lei.

The finalists’ photos will be exhibited in November 2019, at the Ministry of Culture and National Identity.

We invite you to consult / download the full version of the rules of this contest and its Corrigendum to find out the criteria and how to register. For additional information, please contact us at the e-mail address: office@culturadata.ro.

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