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COR code 242401
Specialization course

Training program authorized by the Commission for the Authorization of the Professional Training Providers of the Municipality of Bucharest.

  • Training

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Who is the trainer? Who is the trainer addressing, how and why? What are the secrets of effective communication essential to any successful training? Here are some of the questions this course answers. Through individual and group exercises, as well as other working methods (case studies, role-playing games, etc.), the theoretical aspects will be harmoniously combined with the practice, with a particular emphasis on the development of practical skills.

The graduates of the course will receive a Certificate of graduation recognized at national level by the Ministry of Labour and Social Justice and the Ministry of National Education, accompanied by a descriptive Supplement in which the acquired professional competences will be stipulated, according to the occupational standard in effect.


  • trainers who have partially acquired their skills in informal ways;
  • persons who wish to activate in the field of adult vocational training respecting the legal framework in effect and the requirements of the European Union – instructors from various fields of activity;
  • teachers who want to improve their working skills with adults;
  • persons with professional training responsibilities, members of human resources departments, etc.


  • higher education;
  • minimum e-degree diploma;
  • skills regarding the use of PC in order to draft the graduation project (office 2003-2010).


  • Training preparation
  • Training
  • Training evaluation


  • Preparation of the training program / internship
  • Preparation of practical training
  • Carrying out training activities
  • Evaluation of training participants
  • Evaluation of the training program / internship

Trainers: Ligia Necula, Drd. Georgeta Vlăduțu, source specialists in the field of vocational training.

one module