The National Conference of Cultural Managers – 1st Edition

26 October, 2014

Focus: The cultural manager: Where are we? Where do we want to be?

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26 October, 2014

Romanian National Library


The National Conference of Cultural Managers is the first national initiative to promote the inter-institutional cooperation and communication in the cultural field. The event aims at becoming a dialogue platform dedicated to all the managers of public cultural institutions, to independent operators, as well as to the representatives of the funding authorities. The purpose of this meeting is to establish common objectives and action directions for the development of the cultural sector in Romania.

Being a cultural manager in 2014’s Romania means more than coordinating and organizing the activities of a public cultural institution. The contemporary cultural manager is permanently concerned with the changes in the field, the regulation needs and the cultural consumption at national level. Regardless of the profile of the institution they manage, the cultural managers end up, sooner or later, in facing the same questions.

The theme proposed for this first edition of the Conference is “The Cultural Manager: Where are we? Where do we want to be?”. These two fundamental questions will be the starting point of the sessions and discussions moderated by renowned specialists. Each participant will have the opportunity to freely express their concerns and recommendations referring to the current situation of the cultural field.

The programme of the Conference includes general sessions regarding the status of the cultural manager, as well as workshops on working groups, depending on the specific profile of the cultural institution represented by the participants (performing arts and concert institutions, museums, cultural establishments or libraries).



  • Delia Mucică
  • Demeter Andras
  • Anca Râpeanu
  • Ada Huasvater
  • Valer Rus
  • Alexandru Boureanu
  • Dragoş Neamu
  • Claudia Şerbănuţă
  • Dragoş Adrian Neagu
  • Kopacs Attila

Dată și locație

About the event

  • Date: 26 October, 2014
  • Location: Romanian National Library

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26 October, 2014

Romanian National Library