Museum marketing

one module

Specialization course

  • Cultural management

one module


In a restricted sense, museum marketing refers to the strategies adopted by the museum to attract visitors, taking into account their needs and characteristics. In a broad sense, museum marketing is the philosophy of action of the museum, which refers to a complex strategy associated with all the public activities of the museum, which is meant to help the museum better fulfil its cultural mission, taking equally into account the to the museum’s stakeholders specific.

The specialization course in museum marketing is addressed to museum staff within the programs of services, public relations and marketing (museographers, referents, specialized referents, etc.).

The museum marketing course was created with the aim of acquiring specific skills in public relations and communication, which were not captured, after dividing the standard of the occupation of museographer into 3 occupations and different specific occupational standards: museographer (with skills in collections management), curator (with skills in the foresight and design of exhibitions), museum education specialist (with skills in the development of educational projects and programs).


  • staff with communication and public relations marketing activities in museums;
  • employees from museums, who have responsibilities in the realization and promotion of museum activities.


  • graduates with a bachelor’s degree
  • PC, office, web browser skills.


Theme 1: Museum marketing. General framework: definition, principles, approaches

  • Fundamental concepts;
  • The role of marketing in achieving the mission of the museum;
  • The marketer’s place in the museum;
  • The principles of museum marketing;
  • Capitalizing on the museum patrimony – a marketing approach.

Theme 2: The museum and the public. A marketing vision

  • The paatrons of the museum. Features and perspectives;
  • Getting to know the patrons of the museum;
  • Communication with the patrons of the museum. Instruments and challenges;
  • Meeting with the patrons of the museum in the online space.


  • Promoting museum activities;
  • Public relations and communication within museums.

Trainers: Dr. Alexandra Zbuchea, Loredana Ivan, Camelia Crișan.

one module