May 9, 2019

Call for Papers Romanian Journal of Museums no. 1 / 2019

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The present issue is devoted to two subjects:

1. Museums as Cultural Hubs: The future of tradition

Having a very important place in the contact between the public and the heritage, museums are considered the most reliable sources of information in this respect. We are interested in documenting processes of reinventing museums, transforming into cultural hubs and dialogue platforms and, above all, wanting to understand how they choose to expose and translate traditions by making them accessible to a wider public which is continually change in contemporary society.

2. Audience surveys and visitor profiles

The modern museum is becoming more and more a contact and mutual communication space. We want to see how museums study visitor’s behaviour, in order to understand visitation trends and behavioural patterns of the public, which serve as reference points for managers and curators, and can contribute permanently to the planning of exhibitions and the organisation of museum units.

As in previous years, in order to ensure the highest quality of published materials, the articles will conform to a set of well-defined editing rules and will be subject to the peer review process.

We are launching the invitation to all museum and related specialists to send original and unusual articles on the two proposed topics to the editorial office,, by September 15, 2019. We mention that the authors of the 10 best articles selected will be remunerated with a gross amount of 1,400 lei / item.

For details regarding the publishing norms, please go to