The National Conference of Cultural Managers – 6th edition

26th-27th of October

The National Conference of Cultural Managers took place on 26th-27th of October 2019, in the Ministry of Culture and National Identity’s Auditorium Hall and the theme of the entire event was “Training and reform in public culture”.

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26th-27th of October

Ministry of Culture and National Identity’


The National Conference of Cultural Managers is the most important annual debate-event organized by the National Institute for Cultural Research and Training. Since 2014, this Conference is a dialogue platform and an opportunity for public cultural institutions managers, private Romanian cultural entrepreneurs, cultural management experts and representatives of governmental authorities to meet and exchange ideas in terms of good practices.

Within the 6th edition of this Conference, two studies conducted by the National Institute for Cultural Research and Training were launched: the 2018 Cultural Consumption Barometer and the UNESCO (CDIS) – Culture for Development Indicators. The event will also comprise the presentation of the preliminary reports of the following European projects – Live Skills, EU Heritage and Heritart.

The Cultural Consumption Barometer is the most extended national study which measures the practices, preferences and trends of the Romanian cultural consumers. The 2018th edition of this publication focuses on the analysis of cultural trends and practices before and after the celebration of the Great Union Centenary, as well as on highlighting the indissoluble relationship between Culture and Education.

UNESCO (CDIS) – Culture for Development Indicators is a tool for supporting the political field which was developed between 2009-2014, under the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expression. CDIS combines expert knowledge with a proven methodology, adapted to the context and needs of low-income countries. The research report for Romania was produced by NICRT, in inter-ministerial collaboration with the: Ministry of Culture and National Identity, Ministry of Public Finances, Ministry of Labor and Social Justice/Labor Inspection, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Communications and Information Society, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Tourism; and with other national institutions and authorities: National Institute of Statistics, National Institute of Heritage, National Agency for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, Department for Interethnic Relations, National Audiovisual Council.

The 6th edition of the National Conference of Cultural Managers, which will also be attended by cultural and academic experts from the E.U. member states, is trying to find the answers to the following questions:

  • How can we prioritize Romania’s emergencies in terms of adopting its cultural policies and strategies according to the European Union’s agenda?
  • How to make the connection between statistical indicators of culture and public offer more visible and which role does the research have in the cultural field?
  • How to adapt our cultural professions to technological changes?
  • How to rebuild the connection between Culture and Education, as fundamental areas with social impact?

We invite you to come up with solutions or proposals for strategic measures, along with representatives of the academic environment and of the cultural institutions, stakeholders and cultural operators.


Studies launched

2018 Cultural Consumption Barometer

 UNESCO (CDIS) – Culture for Development Indicators

Dată și locație

About the event

  • Date: 26th-27th of October
  • Location: Ministry of Culture and National Identity’

26th-27th of October

Ministry of Culture and National Identity’