April 15, 2019

The first meeting within the INCFC-DEPS cooperation programme

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In the period 10-12 April the first meeting within the INCFC-DEPS (Département des études de la prospective et des statistiques) cooperation programme took place, with focus on the cultural studies, research and statistics, as part of the Season Romania-France 2019.

INCFC’s delegation, led by Mrs. Carmen Croitoru, General Manager of INCFC, included the following persons: Anda Becuț Marinescu (Head of the Research Department), Iulian Oană (researcher), Bogdan Pălici (publishing coordinator) and Manuele Debrinay-Rizos (consultant). On behalf of DEPS the following persons participated: Loup Wolff (Head of Department), Laure Turner (Deputy Head of Department), Jean-Cedric Delvanquiere (research coordinator), Yann Nicolas, Wided Merchaoui, Edwige Millery, Jacqueline Eidelman, Josephine Dezellus, Jasmina Stevanovic, Lucile Zizi and François Mairesse.

During the work visit, an experience exchange between the French and the Romanian experts took place, on matters of methodology, there were discussions on common points and differences in research practice in the two countries and future Romanian-French research projects were drafted. Among the discussed themes we mention the problems of professional insertion of young alumni in the field of culture, the perspectives of territorial analysis of culture (France’s cultural atlas versus the Cultural Vitality of Cities in Romania), the challenges of the research of the national cultural heritage and the analysis of crowdfunding forms.

The INCFC-DEPS cooperation programme on cultural studies, research and statistics as part of the Season Romania-France 2019 will continue in Bucharest during the month of July, when the Romanian researchers will be visited by their French colleagues with a view to deepen the methodological debates.