Study of the Audience of the National Theatre Festival organised by UNITER [2008]



The study of the audience of the National Theatre Festival of November 2008, carried out at the request of UNITER, aimed at evaluating the public’s perception on the 18th edition of the festival.

The purpose of the study was gathering the information on the spectators’ relation with the theatre in Romania, their attitude towards the festival and the socio-demographic profile of those who were present at the performances. For this purpose, a questionnaire was drawn-up for the public who attended the festival.

Following the collection of data, a consumer profile resulted: the consumers are aged between 19 and 34, most of them have higher education and go to the theatre monthly. The majority of performances were deemed contemporary, avant-garde and internationally-sized. The public mainly preferred Romanian performances, at the same time considering that there were no significant quality differences between the Romanian performances and the international ones.

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