Sponsorship in the Field of Culture – Concepts, Legislation, Statistics [2006]



The study on the sponsorship in the field of culture had the purpose to identify the legal measures for the stimulation of the public-private partnership in the field of culture.

The methodology used in this study was the analysis of the documents – i.e. of the European Union’s legal provisions on sponsorship; a comparison was made between the funds allocated to culture in several EU countries and the impact of the tax-cuts on the budgets allocated to culture was analysed.

The results of the study show that the tax exemption is not a measure that generates the increase of the number of sponsorships in the private domain, but one should rather consider promoting the income-tax exemption or reduction for the long-term investments in the cultural sector.

Moreover, it is necessary to attract a larger number of sponsors with smaller capital, who might be stimulated through fiscal deductions.

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