Romanian Journal of Museums – Volume 1 / 2015 – Curatorship



Table of Contents

  • Raluca Bem – Foreword
  • Adriana Avram – Curatorship, participation and management in redefining museums. For an interdisciplinary approach to the revision of the occupational standard of museographers.
  • Angelica Helena Marinescu – Digitization of the museum heritage. Online collections of the National Museum of Art of Romania
  • Anca Maria Pănoiu – For a naive museology: Maricica and the museum across the water
  • Gheorghe Petre – Themes and forms of expression in recent exhibitions of the Slobozia Museum of Agriculture
  • Valer Rus – Arts & History. A new vision for an old museum
  • Alis Vasile – The Curator: What’s his use?
  • Alexandra Zbuchea – I visit. I see. I understand. Reflections on the curator’s role in influencing the visitor


Editorial Board

  •  Raluca Bem Neamu,
  •  Dragoș Neamu,
  •  Dr. Virgil Ștefan Nițulescu
  •  Alexandra Ciocănel

Publishing House

  • National Institute for Cultural Research and Training
  • ISSN 1220-1723
  • ISSN-L 1220-1723

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