Protecting the national cultural heritage

two modules

  • Cultural heritage

two modules


The course Protecting the National Cultural Heritage offers an overview on the problem of protecting cultural heritage. Starting from the general legislative and administrative framework, the course aims to deepen the main procedures and measures to protect the movable, immobile, archaeological and immaterial cultural heritage.


  • The course is addressed to practitioners in the field of cultural heritage protection who have responsibilities regarding the protection, administration and promotion of movable or immovable cultural assets (including archaeological ones), those who manage programs for the promotion of intangible cultural heritage: specialists in museums, libraries, cultural establishments , research institutes, specialists in the field of historical monuments, etc.


  • Higher education completed with a bachelor’s degree.


Module 1. Protecting the national cultural heritage – protecting the movable cultural assets and the intangible heritage.

The first module of the course addresses the strategic dimension of the protection of movable cultural assets and intangible heritage, presents the institutional framework with attributions in the field, deepens the normative acts with incidence in the field, details procedures and highlights specific protection measures that must be implemented at the level of patrimony administrators.

Trainers: Drd. Alis Vasile, Dr. Irina Balotescu, Raluca Iulia Capotă

Module 2. Protection of national cultural heritage – protection of immovable cultural heritage and archaeological heritage.

The second module of the course deepens the protection of the immovable cultural and archaeological heritage from the perspective of the specialized administration, of the national and international legislation, of the obligatory procedures and notices.

Trainers: Drd. Alis Vasile, Dr. Emilian Gamureac, Dr. Mihaela Iacob, Adrian Bălteanu

two modules