Project Evaluator

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Training program authorized by the Commission for the Authorization of the Professional Training Providers of the Municipality of Bucharest - Code COR 241263

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The evaluation of a project is an activity that involves certain directions of analysis regarding the process of project realization, objectives, performance and sustainability. In this context, the formation of a professional project evaluator ensures a selection of projects based on the following criteria: relevance, feasibility and quality. The course offers participants the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to transpose the project idea in measurable terms. Being of a predominantly practical nature, it aims to carry out as many case studies as possible, in which students are presented with various assessment tools and examples of good practices.

The graduates of the course will receive a Certificate of graduation recognized at a national level by the Ministry of Labour and Social Justice and the Ministry of National Education, accompanied by a descriptive Supplement in which the acquired professional competences will be stipulated, according to the occupational standard in effect.


  • specialists in the field of accessing European funds;
  • specialists in project development and writing;
  • natural or legal persons interested in project evaluation.


  • project managers attested by a recognized NCA diploma whose professional experience includes participation in the implementation of at least two projects.


  • Official regulation of financing programs;
  • The objectives of the funder and the structure of the financing program;
  • The evaluation process adapted to the project theme;
  • The evaluation methods specific to each type of financing;
  • Financial restrictions and eligibility of expenses;
  • Elaboration and completion of evaluation documents.

Trainers: Corina Răceanu, Cristiana Vlad, Pîrvu Ionică, Ligia Necula, Drd. Georgeta Vlăduțu, other source specialists with relevant experience in project management and evaluation.


  • Personal training for evaluation;
  • Organizing the evaluation process;
  • Evaluation of the project proposal;
  • Validation of the evaluation;
  • Providing technical assistance for the selection of projects.

one module