National Conference of Cultural Managers – 2nd edition

31 October - 1 November 2015

Focus: Professionalization of cultural management

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31 October - 1 November 2015

National Library of Romania



Because we care! We aim for an A!

The National Institute for Research and Cultural Training is organising the National Conference of Cultural Managers, an event that will take place on Saturday, the 31st of October and Sunday, the 1st of November 2015, at the National Library of Romania, in Bucharest.

The National Conference of Cultural Managers is the most important reunion of public cultural institutions managers, of independent Romanian cultural entrepreneurs, experts in the field of cultural and artistic management, as well as of funding authorities.

The aim of the meeting is the strengthening of common objectives and action directions for the development of the cultural sector in Romania. The event was initiated in 2014 and became a platform of debates and dialogue on the current problems of the management of public and private cultural organisations.

The numerous changes that have taken place in Romania in the last 25 years have had an impact on all the fields of the socio-economic life, including the cultural sector. The shift to the market economy could have created, even from the start, important premises for the development of the cultural and artistic activity, but the vacuum of ideas, the orientation towards a possible organisation model at national level, the lack of a strategy in the national development were disturbing factors, which have generated problems. Furthermore, the lack of an education system specialised in cultural management has led to an erroneous understanding and even to a resistance of the society to notions like cultural management and marketing.

The application of management as a science generates notable achievements in the cultural field and this is why the research and debates on the management system and its influence on the activity of cultural operators become a necessity.

The questions we planned to find an answer for in this edition of the National Conference of Cultural Managers are: where do we step in, in terms of culture? to whom do we offer culture? what do we report? who will evaluate us? where do we go from here? – and these questions shape the general theme of the event: the Professionalization of the cultural management.

The participants will approach these crucial themes for the management of the public and private organisations during sessions and discussions moderated by experts in the field, and they will have the opportunity to freely and directly communicate their concerns and recommendations referring to the current situation of the cultural field.

The programme includes general sessions dedicated to the public or private organisations, as well as workshops or working groups, depending on the specific profile of the cultural institution represented by the participants (performing arts and concert institutions, museums, cultural establishments or libraries).



  • Constantin Chiriac
  • Virgil Nițulescu
  • Mihaela Păun
  • Dragoș Adrian Neagu
  • Delia Mucică
  • Carmen Stanciu
  • Raluca Neamu
  • Lucian Vărșăndan
  • Alexandru Boureanu
  • Valer Rus
  • Dragoș Neamu
  • Constantin Popoiu
  • Sande Vârjoghe
  • Daniel Nazare
  • Costel Lazăr
  • Traian Petrescu
  • Irina Cios
  • Cosmin Manolescu
  • Ada Hausvater
  • Ioan Onisei

Dată și locație

About the event

  • Date: 31 October - 1 November 2015
  • Location: National Library of Romania

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31 October - 1 November 2015

National Library of Romania