Cultural NGO 1.0 – Inter-institutional dialogue platform

30 June 2015

The inter-institutional dialogue platform

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30 June 2015

Blvd. Unirii, no 2, Bucharest


The National Institute for Cultural Research and Training is organising the working meeting Cultural NGO 1.0., dedicated to the independent cultural sector, on Tuesday, the 30th of June 2015, in the Lobby of the Aula of the Ministry of Culture.

Cultural NGO 1.0 is a meeting that facilitates the connection between the civil society and the public authority, being addressed to the representatives of the independent sector, renowned as the most active laboratory in matters of creation that drives the field of culture. This working session will approach the following themes: legal needs, proposals for the update of the Sectoral Strategy in the Field of Culture and National Heritage 2014-2020, professional training needs.

The event aims to create an inter-institutional debate platform with a view to identifying the perceptions on the public policies and strategies of the cultural sector, as well as the necessary regulations for the independent area. Over 100 professionals working in the cultural area are expected and their participation will influence the development of the system on a long term.

The programme comprises six focus-groups on activity sectors: cultural heritage, performing arts, written culture, visual arts and creative industries, cultural education and training needs of the cultural NGOs, as well as general sessions open for all the representatives of the cultural NGOs.

“Cultural NGO 1.0 is the first meeting from a series that will become periodical, which will benefit the entire cultural field. The moment has come to admit that there is a communication fracture between the regulating authority and those who, out of vocation and passion, have assumed the difficult task to compensate for the public offer” – Carmen Croitoru, INCFC General Manager.




  • Carmen Croitoru
  • Dragoș Adrian Neagu
  • Raluca Iacob-Pop
  • Irina Cios


About the event

  • Date: 30 June 2015
  • Location: Blvd. Unirii, no 2, Bucharest

30 June 2015

Blvd. Unirii, no 2, Bucharest