Conservator of Artworks and Historical Monuments

two modules

COR code 262102
Specialization course

Training program authorized by the Commission of Authorization of the Professional Training Providers of the Municipality of Bucharest, code N.C./COR 262102, authorization series B no. 0007392, with no. of order in the National Register of providers of adult vocational training 40/2763 / 28.03.2013.

  • Cultural heritage

two modules


The preservation of cultural assets under optimal conditions is an essential dimension of the protection of cultural heritage. The curator is responsible for identifying the risks for the collections, designing the best solutions for controlling and monitoring the microclimatic parameters, organizing and configuring the physical space in which the cultural assets are kept and exposed, and ensuring the optimal conditions for the cultural goods in transit. The course for the occupation of curator works of art and historical monuments envisages the formation of the theoretical competences and the practical skills necessary for the efficient fulfilment of these responsibilities, integrating notions and knowledge from various fields that contribute to the foundations of the science of cultural property conservation: physics, chemistry, legislation, management risks, cultural heritage.


  • employees of public cultural institutions (museums, libraries, memorial houses, decentralized services of the Ministry of Culture, theatres, etc.) who do not have profile higher education, do not hold the certification necessary to practice the occupation of Conservator of works of art and historical monuments, but have attributions regarding the preventive conservation of movable cultural assets and/or historical monuments;
  • natural or legal persons interested in obtaining certification for this occupation.

Trainers: Dr. Ioan Darida, Ioan Sfrijan, Cristina Petcu, Nicolae-Marian Catrina, Dr. Doina Biro, Oana-Maria Solomon, Edward Matei, Eng. Doina-Mirela Cîrnu, Dr. Mihai Lupu, Dr. Iolanda Turcu, Mihail- Tudorel Crîșmăriuc, Raluca Iulia Capotă other specialists with relevant experience in the field of conservation and restoration of works of art and historical monuments.


  • higher education completed with a bachelor’s degree.


Graduating the program involves completing all the modules, taking and passing the graduation exam.

Graduation exam:

  • written test;
  • project support (realized according to the requirements received during the program).

The graduates of the course will receive a Certificate of graduation recognized at national level by the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice and the Ministry of National Education, accompanied by a descriptive Supplement in which the acquired professional competences will be stipulated, according to the occupational standard in effect.


  • Notions of legislation;
  • Preventive preservation of cultural assets;
  • Protection of cultural assets.


  • Application of NPM and NPSI;
  • Ensuring the preventive conservation of cultural assets;
  • Ensuring microclimatic conditions;
  • Protection of exhibited and/or archived objects;
  • Conservation of audio-visual memory;
  • Protecting goods during cultural exchanges;
  • Applying urgent measures to save the archaeological discoveries;
  • Preventive preservation of historical monuments.

two modules