Artistic Impresario

one module

COR code 333908
Specialization course

  • Performing arts

one module


The specialization course “Artistic Impresario” is intended for both those who work in institutions/companies the organise shows or concerts in the public and private spaces, as well as those who wish to practice the occupation of artistic impresario. The course aims to transmit to the participants the specific knowledge (notions of civil law, specific legislation of copyright and related rights, cultural marketing, management, public relations and communication, negotiation, coaching, etc.) and to teach them the skills and aptitudes necessary to practice this occupation.

The legislative regulations in Romania very strictly specify the activity of the artistic impresario, as well as the fact that this activity has special requirements related to the professional training and obtaining the certificate in order to activate in the labour market. These are specified by OG Nr. 21/2007 and other normative acts, which the participants will complete during the course together with experienced specialists.

The CANE Code of the activities in Romania, for this occupation is 7490 – other professional scientific and technical activities n.e.c., and states that this is the activity carried out by agents, or agencies in order to identify the possibility of employing the artists.

Note: The graduation certificate obtained after the final examination, is a mandatory document for the applicants who register for the evaluations of the Commission for the Certification and Approval in the Field of Artistic Entrepreneurship (CAADIA), in order to obtain the Certificate and the Opinion in the field of artistic entrepreneurship (more information here). 


  • natural or legal persons interested in artistic entrepreneurship;
  • agents, administrators or managers of music studios, producers, show organizers;
  • artists from different fields, especially musical environments (performers, instrumentalists).


  • LIGIA NECULA, ANC senior trainer – specialist in the field of public communication; journalist-editor Romania Cultural; journalist Radio Romania Cultural; certified artistic impression; artist-member coordinator of the choral group “All’s choir”.
  • CARMEN PRODAN, ANC senior trainer – Certificate of entrepreneurial skills; Professional Skills Evaluator; CALISIS training manager; Expert in the field of Communication; Quality auditor in FPA (adult vocational training).
  • LAURENȚIU OPREA, ANC senior trainer – legal sciences specialist; specialist in copyright and related rights.
  • ANA-MARIA MARINESCU, ANC senior trainer – legal sciences specialist; general director – Society of Romanian Authors and Publishers of Scientific Works – PERGAM.
  • GEORGETA VLĂDUȚU, senior trainer ANC – expert consultant INCFC; Auditor in the field of Quality, Evaluator Providers and Training Programs; Aerobic-Fitness Instructor; Human resources manager; Project manager; Dance instructor; Text and image processing operator; Organizer of shows; Professional skills assessor; Certified by artistic impresario – certificate of competences for the occupation of Artistic impresario.


  • secondary education;
  • higher education;
  • minimum Baccalaureate diploma;
  • skills regarding the use of PC in order to draft the graduation project (office 2003-2010);
  • curriculum vitae specifying the involvement in cultural-artistic activities.

Graduation exam:

The graduation of the program involves completing the courses, taking and passing the graduation exam.

  • written test (grid type test);
  • carrying out and supporting a promotion project (carried out according to the requirements received during the program).

The minimum grade for the written work is 6 (six). The minimum mark for the practical exam is 6 (six).

The graduates of the course will receive a Certificate of graduation recognized at national level by the Ministry of Labour and Social Justice and the Ministry of National Education, accompanied by a descriptive Supplement in which the acquired professional competences will be stipulated, according to the occupational standard in effect.


  • Marketing of cultural-artistic activities;
  • The legislation specific to the activity of artistic entrepreneurship;
  • Public relations and communication in the field of artistic entrepreneurship.


  • Prospecting the artistic market;
  • Elaboration of artistic performance offers;
  • Selection of artists for the agency’s portfolio;
  • Concluding the artistic entrepreneurship contracts;
  • Negotiation of artistic performance contracts with the beneficiaries;
  • Monitoring the performance of artistic performance contracts;
  • Managing artistic productions and promoting the managed artists;
  • Promoting the artists they manage.

one module