The Cultural Consumption Barometer [2014]

The 2014 Cultural Consumption Barometer. Culture between Global and Local / The National Institute for Research and Cultural Training / Authors: Carmen Croitoru (coordinator), Anda Becuţ (coordinator), Bianca Bălşan, Ioana Ceobanu, Andrei Crăciun, Tatiana Cristea, Alexandra Mitoi, Bogdan Pălici, Ştefania Voicu

ISBN 978-606-26-0246-8

Table of Contents

Introduction [Carmen Croitoru, Anda Becuţ]
Structure of the Volume [Carmen Croitoru, Anda Becuţ]
Methodological Aspects of the Research in the Cultural Consumption Field [Andrei Crăciun]
Chapter 1 – From Non-consumption to Strategies of Cultural Consumption Stimulation [Andrei Crăciun, Alexandra Mitoi]
Chapter 2 – Cultural Consumption within the Public Space. General Data [Andrei Crăciun, Alexandra Mitoi]
Chapter 3 – Performing Arts, between mere Literacy and Elitism [Carmen Croitoru, Bianca Bălșan]
Chapter 4 – The Built Cultural Heritage. An Analysis of the Population’s Perception [Anda Becuţ]
Chapter 5 – Bucharest Museums: Visiting Practices and Public’s Profile [Bogdan Pălici]
Chapter 6 – Artists and Active Persons in the Cultural and Creative Sectors: Perceptions, Attitudes and Opinions within the Population [Andrei Crăciun]
Chapter 7 – Domestic Network of Electronic Cultural Goods and Domestic Cultural Consumption [Ioana Ceobanu, Tatiana Cristea]
Chapter 8 – National versus Foreign Culture within the Context of Globalisation [Ștefania Voicu]